If I was american, I would have been the most greatest warrior on earth

wpid-952093241023548191.jpgIn America, anything is possible. Says a warrior from Kenya. It shocks me when I hear people say life here is painful to cope with, yeah its hard but that’s how life is everywhere and to all beings, for things not to be hard you have outsmart it, adapt in it, become an inventor, be passionate on things you do, work harder than how hard things are.

Thats why this warrior sacrificed the calm life that blended the village like the rich aroma from a coffee mug, to come here and become what he could not become in the sleepy village he hails from and do things that no one in the world can so people can be better in both worlds, this is a fate I share with all dreamers who come here with a goal of changing lives, for it is what those who came before us came to do. And there’s no country on earth gives you freedom to be more than a human being, like how America allows us to be angels to many without fear of losing our wings from the corrupt leaders that rule other countries.

To me I think of here as a place of all who are of great minds are born and destined to come with their abundant gifts and strengths and create heaven, this is why it’s called the greatest nation on earth, because of the freedom and the warm embrace that many who live here have, and also the faith that this great land has for others.

Life here has taught me that home is not where you were born, but where your heart is, where you shine like the stars, where you can be more than you can be if you’re willing to be. Lets pass this heart of greatness also to our children so the future can be more greater and compassionate like we dream of it to be.


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