A runner without confidence and wisdom is not a runner

Training gets monotonous for Everyone. The lifestyle has plenty of its downsides. I’m writing this not to sound negative, I’m simply reminding you that on days you feel your worst, we’ve all even there. On days you want to quit, we’ve all been there. No one is above these feelings, so fight in despite them. Quit today, start again tomorrow. Just don’t quit today, and never turn back.
Getting nervous on the race day.
Most athletes train so hard for a race, and when the race day is here they tend to be nervous and get scared. If you project your mind to those thoughts you will be weakening yourself, you didn’t train to get nervous or fear your competitors, you train to compete, to achieve your goal, to win, try to be confident with yourself, be conscious of the reason you are standing on that starting line, ask yourself did I come here to be defeated or did I come here to win?
Say to yourself ”Its’ now or never”
Go to that starting line with a confidence of a champion because you love what you do. You know every human thought, word, or deed is based on fear or love. To be honest with you on my side of view Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, hides, hoards, and harms.  Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, and heals.  The only question is:  What choice will you make today? Fear or Love?.. the choice is yours.
Remember many great things can be done in a day if you don’t always make that day tomorrow or fear to do something because you think you’re not ready.  Take positive action and plant the right seeds in your life right now.
Nature herself does not distinguish between what seeds she receives.  She grows whatever seeds are planted; this is the way life works.  Be mindful of the seeds you plant today, as they will become the crop you harvest in the future.
Never let your energy and sacrifice go to waste.
All that countless days you woke before sun rise, all that pain that cannot be measure you endured in training, all that sacrifice you made to leave the comfort of your family, bed, couch just to go out on the rugged trail  through the chilly morning and hot evenings and push your body to the limit –  must be rewarded by triumph and not doubts or fear, carry those days the painful ones and the good ones with you that you savored on your training, let them be the fuel that drives you to your goal.
Warm up is something that prepares you to be ready on a race, so why warm up and deep inside there’s an ice mountain of fear, melt that fear with courage and optimism, run like you have run many times in your training, but this one time, run to the best of your ability like never before.
Forget about whats been said, and ignore those who discourage you. Unless someone has walked in your shoes on the same path that you have traveled, and lived through all of your ups and downs alongside you, they have no right to judge you.   Unless they can look into the core of your heart and see the degree of your passion, or look into the depths of your soul and see the extent of your will, then they have no business telling you who you are or what you can or can’t achieve.   Everyone has a story. Everyone has unique gifts. Unless that someone is YOU, their opinion of you means nothing in the long run.
Let go the tug of war
Don’t tangle yourself with things, for there are two things your life you shouldn’t waste your time on: things that don’t matter and people who don’t think you matter.  Remember, sometimes in the midst of all the commotion and negativity swirling around, life will force you to make a choice between losing yourself and losing someone or something else.  Regardless of the situation, don’t lose yourself.
Stay true to your path and keep moving forward, train with people who compel you to improvement and bring out the best of you, be with those who make you smile and happy.
Be with those who treat you equal and treat them too to your highest of respect and love,  just like in any race we are all runners and competitors; never let a person’s character be their currency, for you will sadly find that a lot of rich people are actually bankrupt.  Being the richest man or woman in the cemetery doesn’t matter; going to bed every night knowing that you’re making a positive deference in the world is what matters.
Concentrate on the present, the battle before you not the disappointments behind you.
Remember, you can’t reach what’s in front of you until you let go of what’s behind you.  Today is a new day.  Don’t let your history interfere with your destiny.  It doesn’t matter what you did or where you were; it matters where you are and what you’re doing now.  Never give up on yourself, and never abandon your values and dreams.  As long as you feel pain, you’re still alive.  As long as you make mistakes, you’re still human.  And as long as you keep trying, there’s still hope.
Never walk through life with your head facing down, saying your best days are over and buried in the past. Hell to the No’
If you grasp the passion and the glimmering hope in your heart the next five years can be the best five years of your life, or just another five years.  The decision is yours.  The best part of your life will start on the day you decide your life is your own – no one to lean on, rely on, or blame.  It takes courage and strength, but you need to say it: “The gift of life is mine, it is an amazing journey, and I alone am responsible for the quality of it.”
Never romanticize your pace, you want to run a pr or win, you got no choice but to push even if it hurts like hell.

Follow in the footsteps of your instincts for it is the path that makes us winners.  Don’t wake up someday, sighing over what you should have tried.  Just do it, and be willing to fail and learn along the way.  At least you will know you gave it your best shot.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to go with it, flow with it, resist it, change it, or hide from it, life goes on.  If what you did today didn’t turn out as you hoped, tomorrow is a new opportunity to do it differently, or to do nothing at all.  What’s important is to realize that you have a choice. You have choice to fight and become something or quit and go back to nothing.

One thing for certain that I have learned in life is: If you give up on your dreams too soon, you will miss out on seeing them become a reality.  Warrior and Champions don’t give up on things they believe in.

When the training gets hard or the race gets tough, champions are made by going in for one more round.
Fight harder than you have ever fought before, hung to the edge of your ability even if it hurts than any pain you have ever savored before, for you are as strong as you want to be, and nothing will stop you unless you allow it; in victory or defeat, finish humbly knowing that you gave your best, and that your inner-self is content and gratified.
Positive mindset creates a strong character.
Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you.  Happiness always comes from within, and it’s found in the present moment by making peace with the past and looking forward to the future.  Each morning when you open your eyes before you jump into your running shoes, think only three things first: Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  Then set out to make the best use of the gift of this day that you can with your talent, passion and energy.
Remember in life and in every race you compete it’s not about who’ll let you win. It’s all about who’ll stop you from winning. As an athlete it is not wise for any of us to doubt ourselves or fear things that stands on our path, go with courage and go with passion, maintain the gift of positive attitude that roars in your heart. for it’s the only spirit that takes us to victory, in all your quests remember that the speed with which you move may depend on your fate or talent. But the distance you cover is decided entirely by YOU and your PERSEVERANCE!

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