Wisdom from one of the great african tribes

10176177_510389179066075_1812381654761331379_nThe Babemba tribe of Africa believes that each human being comes into the world as good. Each one of us only desiring safety, love, peace and happiness.

But sometimes, in the pursuit of these things, people make mistakes.

When a person acts irresponsibly or unjustly, he/she is placed in the center of the village, alone, unfettered. All work ceases. All gather around the accused individual. Then each person of every age, begins to talk out loud to the accused. One at a time, each person tells all the good things the one in the center ever did in his/her lifetime.

Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy, is recounted. All positive attributes, good deeds, strengths, and kindnesses are recited carefully and at length.

The tribal ceremony often lasts several days, not ceasing until everyone is drained of every positive comment that can be mustered. At the end, the tribal circle is broken, a joyous celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically and literally welcomed back into the tribe. Necessity for such ceremonies is rare!

This story is originally from the book, Contact, The First Four Minutes by Leonard Sunin. The Babemba or Bemba people make their home in an area of Africa that includes Zambia and the Congo.

I find it hard helping others fully for they seem not to want it

These days are hard to understand some people. You try to bring change by giving them something that will support them the rest of their lives, but all they want is money. They dont want to work for it.

May be it is better to be left hoping and praying for your life to change because thats the belief of those have no heart for sacrifice. Warriors we laugh when people say God is thinking of you, for if he is, he’s very sad and even upset about you.

Man has forgotten his strength, the vast land he has to build whatever he dreams of, understanding about his life and how to work hard for what he believes in. But sadly he has chosen to live in a life of hoping when opportunities comes in and out of their lives to be embraced by them, but sadly got ignored.

Hope is a beggar, it likea to wait for things to come its way, but faith is a seeker, and it also have the strength to move things, but first it must be used to move oneself.

The dreams are yours, the hunger is yours. God never gives victories, the will does, the will is within you, if you dont live with it and show it as yours nothing will become yours.

Change your focus

Its not that you’re having bad days and feeling low, thats an addiction to feel that way because its the only thing you focussing on. Don’t focus on whats wrong, you can point out whats wrong.

Focus on how things need to be done, for with awareness you control the way, and when you control the way things will change more quickly. In all that bothers you, show strength by changing your view on them and everything else will follow.

The two things in life

There are two things that happens to us. First one is. When we fall, ugliness comes. When we rise, beauty comes.
Don’t fall in love, but grow in it. Don’t dig holes in your life, but climb mountains for your life.

Don’t spend your days sitting a lot, but walk and run often if you can, the body is designed to move, so the inner self can be moved and feel more alive . Let everything move you up, not drag you down.