Wisdom from the wild

When growing up, I learned a lot from the animal kingdom. There I found the spirit that humbles and guides me to this very day. In all that roamed and crawled, a roar came from all of them, it is how they made their word be heard. To those who roar and those who didn’t despite their vast differences, all gave each other great respect, and just like the serenity that blended the nature around them, together they lived with peace and harmony.

The trees that made the forest stood proudly with and beside each other because they needed each other to create not just a place others will call home but to be something far more astonishing that no words could describe.

Although I was very young, what was before me taught me that beauty, strength, longevity and love flourishes when respect is given.

To have greatness like of the animal kingdom and the serene nature that blends it. You must see, think, do, feel, be, cherish, dream and believe in great things. But most of all, roar with wisdom and have great respect that shows love and humbliness that is in your soul.


Make others smile

You’re somebody’s reason to smile. From this moment never say you’re not good enough, nor call yourself ugly, fat, skinny, too tall or short. No matter where you come from or how you look. You’re beautiful and that makes you a piece of heaven. Remember your life depends on the strength and passion to do what shapes your life and how you feel about yourself, and not about what others say or think of you. Be good to yourself and always make others smile.