Warriors heart

Warriors are given the heart to live and give.
Men changed theirs to be for fighting and surviving.
It’s not like warriors don’t have battles, its just whatever they face, they use it to better themselves. Loses and pain to us is considered life’s lessons, not something we should suffer from. Whatever is bothering you, remember nothing in life is meant to last, so you must’nt stay rooted unto things that dont help you grow.

Cornered by my spirit

What will be the purpose of your life and the strength that is still in you after fulfilling all that makes you work hard. Today my spirit cornered me with this breathtaking question. Now I’ve got to meditate more deeper to see what I’m truly doing in this life, because destination seems to be not the place I’m meant to be.

Cease to hate and have true purpose

If you do not like someone, let them be, for they have people who love them. They work hard and the broken parts of this life thats broken by people like you,  unlike you, they have a true purpose in life, it is your own problem you feel that hate and jealousy. If someone is better than you, choosing the evil path and seeing them as your sworn enemy will do you no good. Have your own purpose for we all have different lives and calling.

You’re not old

Be soft as cotton, hard as steel. The more relaxed you are, the more speed you’ll have. More speed means more power. Remember, You’re never too old – we just get too tense, too stiff. We think too much. It makes no difference if you’re in your twenties, fifties, or eighties. Relax, never feel old. Stretch your body and your mind, stretch your life. Get up and train harder!